Calypso for a Cause

Calypso for a Cause is a collection designed by Audrey “Calypso” D’Alessandro, founder and Designer of the fashion jewelry line Calypso’s Island.

Through the sale of a colorful assortment of bracelets, Audrey’s mission is to raise money and awareness for some of today’s most important and necessary charitable initiatives like providing access to information to protect our natural habitat and helping to end online and offline bullying in schools.

Each colored bracelet represents a specific cause. Calypso’s Island will donate 25% of the gross proceeds from the sale of a specific colored bracelet to its corresponding cause.

Bracelets can be purchased at select retail locations. Contact us for details.

Life comes alive with purpose when we group our resources to reach out and help one another. I am passionate about supporting causes that reflect my beliefs; for this reason I have created our Calypso for a Cause program to benefit organizations close to my heart. If you are involved with a charity or special event and are looking for ways to fund raise, feel free to contact the Studio for information on how we may be able to help.

With Love, Calypso