According to the SS19 runways, stacked necklaces and statement earrings are still very much on trend, with classics such as hoop earrings getting a creative revamp. Here’s our summary of the five best jewelry trends you should start wearing now.

Stacked to flawlessness

Whether it’s stacking your rings, layering your necklaces, or opting for an overdose of arm candy, when it comes to jewelry trends for SS19 the more-is-more approach reigns best.

Chokers Return…All Dressed Up.

The choker came on strong a few seasons ago and they disappeared almost as quickly. The retro silhouette is back but in new forms. Dressier pearl and gold versions update the leather strip of the past, while bolder styles command attention.

Statement Earrings

Selfie Culture has all but ensured that statement earrings will never go away, as they frame a face and photo perfectly. From bold free-form metal styles to ombre beaded styles to the increasingly popular woven/crochet. Single earrings remain runway darlings, although are tougher to sell.

Not so basic hoops

The phrase “go big or go home” was definitely made for hoop earrings for SS19. Hoops continue to be strong, showing up in more creative ways. From spiral-inspired styles studded with pearls to front-facing thin styles.

Charms and Medallions

Charms aren’t just for necklaces and bracelets anymore, even showing up as long, linear earrings. And while these are assembled by the designer, not the wearer, they still have a highly personal feel.

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